BorderAid restores and strengthens lives of those confronted by adversity at international borders.

BorderAid is the first concert series dedicated to restoring and strengthening lives at borders worldwide. We use the power of music to promote and fund on-the-ground work that transforms borders into gateways for political, social and economic well being. 

We seek to establish BorderAid concert events as nationally renowned, inspiring, interactive gatherings that promote greater understanding of immigration and border issues and promote efforts towards their resolution. To do this, our fiscal agent, the Angelica Foundation, will receive and distribute donations to organizations such as those listed under the Resources Page. 


We’re inviting you to join a humanitarian campaign that is timely and necessary to help transform borders into more just and accessible thresholds of liberty.

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

Our first smaller events will enable us to build our resources, establish our brand, and help us network amongst sponsors, artists, and organizations. These smaller shows will set the stage for larger events (20K + capacity venues). 


As BorderAid builds and expands into larger venues, our fundraising power and social impact will grow. And to expand this reach beyond the concert venues, we intend to produce televised specials including interviews with musicians, performers, speakers and organization leaders.  


John Meade

A 35-year veteran TV, film, theater, dance & music concert, conference and public event producer, primarily in Los Angeles, New Mexico, New York and Europe, John brings creative passion and a collaborative sensibility to a broad range of projects. His work spans innovative, improvisational community-collective performances to internationally renowned cinematic productions such as Breaking Bad. He has also been engaged on numerous social justice and environmental causes with organizations such as Bioneers, Pachamama Alliance and V-Day.


John’s other business endeavors include real estate development projects in New York and San Francisco, a restaurant in Santa Fe, leadership development program facilitation and management of Global Relief Resources.

Felicity Broennan

A 23-year veteran of nonprofits, Felicity originally founded her music promotion company,  Bad Girls Productions, as a way to augment funding for her environmental and cultural programs. Her concerts have brought artists such as Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Michael Franti, and Bruce Cockburn to the stage to raise well over $1 million dollars. 


Additionally, she was the Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships for the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs.  In that role she worked directly with the cabinet secretary to strengthen the cultural economy of New Mexico, a $4.2 billion industry.





Telemundo is the second-largest provider of Spanish-language content nationally, has over 115 million fans and followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, up 21% year-over-year. Telemundo's YouTube channels generated 4.9 billion global video views, up 54% year-over-year, including 691 Million U.S. views, up 58% year over year. 

New Mexico PBS,

Depending on franchise agreements arranged with their 330 member stations nationally, they offer a potential reach of 83% of all U.S. television households – over 215 million people –  via traditional television. PBS reaches 89% of non-internet homes, 82% of lower-income homes, and 78% of rural homes. The demographic breakdown of PBS's full-day audience reflects the overall U.S. population with respect to race, ethnicity, education, income, and geography.


Hispanic Communications Network,

HCN operates La Red Hispana,, a network of 150 affiliated Spanish language radio stations, social media channels, and mobile phone apps serving 60 million (90% of the U.S. Hispanic population).


Artisan Minds,


Angelica Foundation,


Cuddy & McCarthy LLP,


Christine Sallee Services, LLC